Sol y Sombra tours in Spain

Sol y Sombra tours' all enjoy the diversity of Spanish culture and delicious cuisine, ensuring you will return home with wonderful memories of the hospitality and warmth of the Spanish culture and people. Below is a synopsis of each of our tours, followed by a link which gives you more information about each area and their itineraries. 


The Andalucía Tours

Andalucía embodies all that is fondly thought of when we think of Spain. 

Our Andalucía tours cover East Andalucía, 'Enchanting Andalucía' and West Andalucía 'Where east meets west'. These guided small group tours in Andalucia take place in June and September. during your tour you visit world heritage sites like the Alhambra and Mesquita, explore beautiful white villages, troglodyte towns, Renaissance villages, Paleolithic caves, National parks and enjoy Spanish cuisine and wine staying in luxurious accommodation.

The Tour dates are arranged so that if you wish to do both the Andalucia East tour and West Andalucía tour sequentially it's possible. We meet you on arrival and take care of everything for you during your tour.



Goya's Madrid Tour 

A visual and culinary tour of Art and Cuisine in Madrid plus day excursions.

This is a wonderful small group tour of Madrid's Art Museums, enjoying fabulous cuisine with day excursions to Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial and Cuenca. Madrid is home to some of the greatest collections of Art in the world. 

During this tour we stay in the centre of Madrid, visiting the Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen-Bornmeszia collection, Sorolla Museum and San Antonio de la Florida. We share our love and knowledge of Spanish Art with you making this tour informative and full of those little extra gems that only Art Historians know.

After visiting the fabulous Galleries in Madrid, we take you on day excursions to Segovia, Cuenca, Toledo and El Escorial. Travelling by train to the villages outside Madrid, your tour is set at a comfortable pace retaining a perfect balance of walking, relaxing and enjoying the local cuisine. Your accommodation is luxurious and quiet in the centre of Madrid.