Tour Andalucia and discover a land of contrasts

Andalucía embodies all that is fondly thought of when we think of Spain. Our Andalucía tours are divided into two areas: Andalucía east - 'Enchanting Andalucia' and Andalucía west- 'Where east meets west'.

Both Tours in Andalucia take place in May, June and September. See highlights like the Alhambra in Granada, the Mesquita in Cordoba and visit the beautiful white villages (Pueblos Blancos). Enjoy delicious cuisine, discover ancient civilisations and experience the warmth and passion of Spain. Each tour has it's own unique features, and both tours visit the Alhambra in Granada.

Return refreshed and inspired with wonderful memories of the diversity and warmth of this beautiful region, its climate and its people.


Amazing places we visit

Andalucia has a wealth of Moorish heritage. Both the Alhambra and the Mesquita are the most intriguing. The mesmerising beauty of the Alhambra and Generalife (gardens) with heady perfumed roses and trickling fountains will leave you feeling like your've spent a morning in heaven. Wander through Andalucia's beautiful white villages and see local artisans at work creating pottery, weaving and local delicacies.

The charming Troglodyte town of Guadix with its playful white washed caves and red ochre earth is like stepping right into a Dr Zeuss storybook. Visit a local potter's studio who also restores tiles in the Alhambra, and has a fantastic selection of cazuelas and Spanish pottery. Take a walk following the stream up into the stunning National park of Cazorla which depending on the time of year is laden with wild figs and pomegranates.



Great places we eat

Our tours in Andalucia are a delight for foodies. Enjoy delicious and authentic Andalucían cuisine dining in some of the best restaurants and Tapas bars in the region that use fresh local produce. Taste regional finos like Jerez and Montilla, accompanied by some of the freshest seafood in Europe. 

During the Andalucia tour- east, one of our treats is enjoying breakfast by candlelight, in a beautiful Renaissance Hotel in Ubeda. In Arcos, Ronda and Cordoba you will taste some of the best tapas in Spain - one of our favourites is 'Rabo de Toro' - ( Bulls tail) we highly recommend our guests try it. If you love slowly cooked oxtail then this will not disappoint!  During the Andalucia tour-west enjoy the freshest seafood on Bolonia beach, beside ancient Roman ruins on the Costa del Luz. 


Cultural experiences to remember

Visit the world heritage site of the Alhambra with her beautiful palaces and gardens and then experience the passion of authentic Flamenco in a cave in Granada. Enjoy wonderful celebrations like the festival of the Cascamorras in Guadix. Step back into the Renaissance with a visit to a Renaissance Palace full of eclectic collections and period furniture. 

Then to top it all off a visit to see the Mesquita in Cordoba will leave you spellbound. The performance of Andalucían Equestrian and Flamenco Art in Cordoba is stunning and graceful. In Ronda, we adventure through the Pileta caves with gasoline lanterns, that are still owned and operated by the family that discovered them and having drawings dating from the Palaeolithic period.


Beautiful places we stay 

During our Tours in Andalucia, we stay in luxurious hotels set in great locations. The Hotels we choose in Andalucia are gorgeous and are generously equipped with double or twin rooms and en-suite bathrooms. Breakfasts are included in our tours and are renowned for being generous and delicious. We believe a good nights' sleep is essential for our guests. It's always a pleasure to return to a restful haven of luxury at the end of each day’s excursion.. read more

We have two tours in Andalucia, view our itineraries below