Bridges to blow your mind!

The Puente Nuevo Bridge in Ronda is one of those. 

Ronda is one of the most spectacular towns in Andalucía. Its secluded position in the Serrania de Ronda mountain range, built on a high plateau is breathtaking and beautiful.  Ronda is one of our favourite towns to visit, not just for the views but there are fabulous tapas bars, boutique wineries and wonderful walks. Ronda is a very easy town to walk around and this is the best way to discover all the hidden gems and history she has to offer.

The 18th century ‘Puente Nuevo’ bridge is a masterpiece of engineering which spans a deep gorge with vertical rock faces on both sides. We drive down to the base of the bridge to see the view pictured, ( which we do for those not so agile or keen on the uphill hike back )

A walk through the nearby Pileta caves with gasoline lanterns to see drawings dating from the Palaeolithic period is also incredible, and we do this in small groups - an extremely rare opportunity to see such a precious site. Discover what makes Andalucía one of the best places to travel right now.