Pinchos and tapas are small spanish starters that will wet your appetite where as a racione is a larger portion size.


A great way to start the day!


Tostadas con Tomaté


Prepare the tomatoes

One of the secrets to this easy breakfast is to use plump and juicy ripe tomatoes.

Wash and cut the tomatoes in half.

Grate the tomatoes into a bowl (Do not use a blender- this will not produce the same results) then add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Make the Toast

For the best results choose a Giabatta or a bread that has a crispy outside. Slice the bread about 3/4 inch thick, Toast or grill both sides, then top with the tomato mixture and voila! Drizzle extra olive oil and salt to taste - pure heaven on a plate!

To add an extra wow factor add Jamon Serrano

Add Jamon Serrano on top of the tomato mixture and briefly grill then cut into thin soldiers and serve.. Enjoy!



Pimentos del Padron

The pepper festival of Herbon

Quintessential gastronomic festival since 1978, held in the Herbon parish the 1st Saturday in August, and designated as one of the Tourist Interest in Galicia.

There are thousands of people who come together on this important date which is part of the special events calendar of the Lands of Iria to enjoy this delicacy belonging to the people of Padron. Especially to run the “risk” and to prove the old saying “Os pementos de Herbón, uns pican e outros non”. These special peppers have a distinctive flavor and some of them have a spicy kick. This old saying refers to that and means that you never know if you will get one with a spicy kick.  Read more

 The Peppers  

500 grams of Herbon peppers, Lashings of olive oil for frying


 Wash the peppers and dry them well. 

Heat a pan with oil . When it is very hot put the peppers in the pan together and stir to prevent burning for about 5 or 7 minutes. Remove from heat and serve on a to a plate. Salt it with coarse sea salt and serve.




Spanish meatballs, or Albóndigas, are relatively easy to make and taste delicious!  In this recipe we have used minced lamb, but other types of meat can also be used - many prefer to use beef with pork. It's all a matter of taste.



•Minced meat ( lamb, beef or pork) - 400 grams • Egg - 1 Spanish Onion - 1

•Garlic - 2 cloves, chopped •Parsley - 1 cup, (chopped finely)

Salt  1- 2 Tea spoons (to taste) •Pepper -1/2 to 1 Tea spoon (to taste)

 Breadcrumbs ( very fine spelt )- 60 grams


Jerez fino (Sherry) 100 ml + •Tomatoes - 6  •Basil - fresh leaves, 1 handful

Sugar - 1 Tea spoon • Croutons* optional according to preference

Olive oil - 3 Table spoons 


•Paprika 1 Tspn  •Cinnamon 1/4 Tspn


• Remove the skin of the tomatoes and chop them in small pieces. Put aside for the sauce (or use organic finely chopped tinned tomatoes- It is preferable to remove seeds either by grating fresh tomatoes or by sieving to produce a smoother consistency) 

•Chop the onion finely - Put aside for the sauce

• Mix the meat, garlic, parsley, egg and breadcrumbs together with the pepper and one tea spoon of salt into a homogeneous mass

• Roll into small balls (about 3 cm diameter) in the palm of your hand

• In a frying pan: put in one table spoon of olive oil, and, once warm, start frying the meatballs

• In another frying pan: pour two table spoons of olive oil and start frying the onion

• Once the onion is golden, add the spices ( paprika and cinnamon ) and the tomatoes then a tea spoon of salt, the sugar and the basil. Mix well. Taste the sauce and add more Paprika and spices if necessary.

•Add the Fino and reduce to a demi-glaze.

• Once the meat balls are cooked, add them to the sauce along with the croutons or dried bread.

• Cook together for about 5 minutes, turning the meatballs to make sure they don't burn

Serve and enjoy!